Press Release 6/30/2003

Press Release
Press Release
Press Release
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A new tool in the struggle against airborne viruses.

Las Vegas (6-30-03) - The Miracle Seat ® prevents escape of harmful germs and embarrassing odors from the toilet. It is the biggest revolutionary leap in bathroom technology since the introduction of indoor toilets, 100 years ago. An alternative to the traditional toilet seat, the Miracle Seat comes equipped with a vacuum device, which removes odors and airborne particles from the toilet bowl during use. Gases and germs are harmlessly vented to the outside Press Release of the building through an air duct connected to the ceiling fans exhaust vent. When installed, it appears like a standard, high quality toilet seat.

Without the Miracle Seat, noxious odors and germs disburse throughout the bathroom onto counter tops, toothbrushes, hand towels, water glasses and, when the bathroom door is opened, gases and germs escape into other rooms. The Miracle Seat completely eliminates the embarrassing odors and vacuums out many airborne particles, including bacteria and viruses.

Until recently, modern developments in home and office design have focused on the kitchen where the garbage disposal, automatic dishwasher and microwave oven have made it easier to cook and clean. The bathroom has been sorely neglected until now. The last relic of a more primitive past, toilet odor, has been eliminated.

Participants in market studies are generally surprised at the products effectiveness and, once they have used them, they simply will not part with their Miracle Seats. Like the garbage disposal and the automatic dishwasher, the Miracle Seat is situated in a room that is used daily by everyone in a household. All three products offer noticeable benefits that become apparent with the first few uses. The company sees the Miracle Seat becoming as ubiquitous as the garbage disposal, as consumers discover its advantages. Many people in focus group studies admit to refraining from the use of toilets in public places, at work and even at friends homes and wait until they are home to use their own toilets. He believes that people will quickly start to avoid using toilets that are not equipped with Miracle Seats.

Physicians, restaurant owners and others have tried the Miracle Seat in their homes and businesses. A physician, concerned about keeping his clinic clean and germ-free, says that foul smells from the restroom send a clear signal that perhaps, there are invisible germs being spread with the odors. Research conducted by Dr. Charles Gerba, an internationally acclaimed microbiologist, documents that harmful viruses disburse over 6 feet through the air with microscopic water droplets when toilets are flushed. After investigating the Miracle Seats, this physician has installed them on all of the toilets in his clinic.

The Miracle Seat may be purchased online for $259.

Miracle Seat Company is the Nevada manufacturer of this product, which is protected by U.S. Patents and Patents Pending. Miracle Seat is a registered trademark of Delpriss & Company.

Press Contact: e-Mail - Telephone - 702-739-9832
Product Information:

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