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New vented toilet seat is biggest advancement since garbage disposal

Las Vegas (Nov. 26, 2003) - The Miracle Seat ® helps control escape of foul odors, harmful viruses and bacteria from toilet bowls. "Its the most exciting advance since the introduction of the home garbage disposal, over 50 years ago. Foul odors and harmful germs are vacuumed out of the toilet bowl before they can get into the air," said a spokesman for the Miracle Seat Company.


Like the garbage disposal, the Miracle Seat, a vented toilet seat connected to an electric fan, must be installed. Like the garbage disposal, its benefits arent fully appreciated until the consumer has used it a few times. At first, consumers asked what could be more difficult than scraping scraps off a plate or a cutting board, directly into the garbage pail. After using a garbage disposal for a few weeks, customers couldnt imagine living without one. Today, a new home simply will not sell without a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink.

Like the garbage disposal, owners of the Miracle Seat quickly learn how valuable it is. The first time they stay in a hotel or use the bathroom at a friends home, they realize how important the Miracle Seat is to them. Living without odors at home is quickly taken for granted. Bathrooms at homes of friends or relatives begin to seem inadequate and out of date, especially when odors linger in the room.

The Miracle Seat is also important for household hygiene. When a toilet is flushed a cloud of microscopic droplets and gas forms an invisible plume that floats upward and away from the toilet traveling for six feet or more. Hepatitis A, Norwalk Virus, Fecal Coliform and Salmonella are some of the harmful viruses that may escape from the toilet bowl during use. These germs travel through the air and land on toothbrushes, towels, counter tops and other surfaces throughout the bathroom. They linger in the air up to two hours, live on hard surfaces for several hours and remain on moist surfaces and towels for days. Wired to the bathroom light, the Miracle Seat system vacuums the toilet bowl whenever the bathroom is used.

The Miracle Seat, a new product that completely eliminates toilet odors, has proven to be effective and reliable. Satisfied customers include homeowners, restaurants, clinics and small businesses that have used it in field trials for over three years.

The Miracle Seat may be purchased online for $259.

Miracle Seat Company is the Nevada manufacturer of this product, which is protected by U.S. Patents and Patents Pending. Miracle Seat is a registered trademark of Delpriss & Company.

Press Contact: e-Mail - Telephone - 315.303.4674
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