Press Release 12/23/2003

Press Release
Press Release
Press Release
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A remodeled bathroom; $25,000, new towels & accessories; $2,000, a Miracle Seat to prevent odors; Priceless

Las Vegas (Dec. 23, 2003) - So youve just spent over $25,000 to expand and remodel your bathroom. Now you want to sip a glass of wine by candlelight in the Jacuzzi tub. The musics playing softly in the background, the bath bubbles are filling the tub as the aroma from the candles begins to fill the room. You are just leaning back to relax when HE just cant wait as he rushes in to sit on the toilet. Hes as quiet as a church mouse but there is no holding back that familiar odor as he flushes its source down the drain.


Fast forward to the neighbors birthday party, a few weeks later. Its a great party and you have to use the bathroom. You had a Miracle Seat installed on your toilet at home, right after your evening in the tub was ruined. Since then, you havent smelled a thing in your bathroom except the potpourri in a china dish. Now, you open the door of the bathroom at the party. Youre knocked backward as the familiar odor hits you in the face. In this stunning instant, you realize how outdated your friends bathroom really is. You immediately decide to put a Miracle Seat in your guest bathroom as soon as possible.

The Miracle Seat eliminates foul odors and helps control the escape of harmful viruses from toilet bowls. "Its the most significant advance in plumbing since the toilet was brought indoors 100 years ago. All odor and many harmful germs, including Hepatitis A, Norwalk Virus and Fecal Coliform are vacuumed from the toilet bowl before they get into the air, said a spokesman for the Miracle Seat Company.

The Miracle Seat, a vented toilet seat, has proven to be effective and reliable. Satisfied customers include homeowners, restaurants, clinics and small businesses. It is available for $125 online at

The Miracle Seat may be purchased online for $259.

Miracle Seat Company is the Nevada manufacturer of this product, which is protected by U.S. Patents and Patents Pending. Miracle Seat is a registered trademark of Delpriss & Company.

Press Contact: e-Mail - Telephone - 315.303.4674
Product Information:

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