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Plan for summer "Hackers dont spread these viruses at vacation destinations

Las Vegas (March 26, 2004) - Will you be one of thousands that find yourself bedridden for 3 to 4 days at a luxury resort or on a cruise ship? Worse yet, will you be suffering in a hospital for days, from an all too common viral infection?

Nevada health authorities reported 1,174 Norwalk Virus-like infections in Las Vegas in the popular California Hotel & Casino over the past 4 months. Guests reported suffering from extreme vomiting & diarrhea for 3 to 4 days during their vacations. One traveler underwent emergency abdominal surgery during an 8-day hospital stay. In recent years, something now called "sick ship syndrome has been haunting luxury cruise lines. Passengers were denied entry into Greece and other Mediterranean ports when 500 out of 1,800 passengers on a B&O liner contacted a Norwalk-like virus last October. Princess and Disney cruise ships have also been repeatedly "attacked which goes to show that this virus has no respect for royalty, mice or men.


Identified in the 1970s, the Norwalk Virus and its cousins replicate in the digestive tract and spread into the air when infected individuals use toilets. The virus may be spread by hand-to-hand contact but it is also spewed into the air during toilet use. It travels for over 6 feet from the bowl where it lands on counters, towels, handles and toothbrushes. It can live up to several days, spreading from one guest or passenger to another. Its nauseating, debilitating symptoms generally last for 3 to 4 days. A "hacking cough is NOT a visible symptom of this viral infection.

Travelers can take precautions to avoid infection. Advice is available from the Miracle Seat Company, which recently introduced a new anti-virus hardware product that helps contain spread of toilet germs. It vacuums all odors and many of the germs from the toilet bowl before they escape into the air.

The Miracle Seat, a vented toilet seat, has proven to be effective and reliable. Satisfied customers include homeowners, restaurants, clinics and small businesses. It is available for $259 online at


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