Press Release 4/22/2004

Press Release
Press Release
Press Release
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This product sucks!

Las Vegas (April 22, 2004) - Using technology like that developed by NASA for use on the space shuttle, this product sucks foul odors and harmful germs from the toilet bowl before they escape into the bathroom air.

The Miracle Seat is a vented toilet seat equipped with a ventilation fan that vacuums the toilet bowl. "Its the most significant advance in plumbing since the toilet was brought into the home 100 years ago. All odor and many harmful germs, including Hepatitis A, Norwalk Virus and Fecal Coliform are vacuumed from the toilet bowl before they get into the air, said a spokesman for the Miracle Seat Company.

Cruise ships and hotels have recently experienced outbreaks of Norwalk Virus infections affecting thousands of guests. Some have required hospitalization and emergency surgery. Hundreds of restaurant customers have been victims of Hepatitis A infections. Some of them have died. Now homes and businesses can use the same technology thats available to astronauts to help control the spread of these germs to counter tops, towels, tissues and toothbrushes where they live for several hours to several days.

The Miracle Seat, a vented toilet seat, has proven to be effective and reliable. Satisfied customers include homeowners, restaurants, clinics and small businesses. It is available for $259 online at


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