Press Release 5/16/2004

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Press Release
Press Release
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Now there is a $3 Million toilet for the home!

Las Vegas (May 16, 2004) - NASA spent $3 Million each to design and build the toilets for the Space Shuttles.

Shuttle missions would be unbearable without these vacuum powered toilets that keep human waste from contaminating the entire cabin. The Miracle Seat toilet seat uses the same type of technology to vacuum odors and germs from toilet bowls in homes, restaurants and offices. "Its the biggest revolutionary leap in bathroom technology since the introduction of indoor toilets, 100 years ago, says a spokesman for the Miracle Seat Company.


The Miracle Seat is a vented toilet seat equipped with a vacuum fan, which removes odors and airborne particles from the toilet bowl before they escape into the bathroom air. Noxious odors are completely eliminated and many of the microscopic, invisible viruses, including Hepatitis A, Norwalk Virus, Salmonella, Fecal Coliform and others are kept from disbursing throughout the room where they land on towels, tissues, toothbrushes and counter tops, when toilets are used. A ventilation fan draws odors and germs through the vented seat, through a duct that vents them harmlessly to the outside of the building.

Tests similar to commercial wind tunnel tests demonstrate that the Miracle Seat removes airborne smoke from the toilet bowl. When toilets are flushed, microscopic water droplets disburse over 6 to 8 feet, up and away from the toilet bowl carrying germs that live for 3 hours to 3 days or more. Like the vacuum technology used in the Space Shuttle, the Miracle Seat keeps these odors and germs from getting into the air.

During research studies, many people admitted to refraining from the use of toilets in restaurants, at work and in friends homes. They wait until they are home to use their own toilets. People are generally surprised by the Miracle Seats effectiveness and, once they have installed it in their home, they simply will not part with the Miracle Seat.

The Miracle Seat, a vented toilet seat, has proven to be effective and reliable. Satisfied customers include homeowners, restaurants, clinics and small businesses. It is available for $259 online at


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